More and more and more Jiggars.  Even the children who have been treated and had nailed removed to kill those nasty things have eggs hatching in their feet.  So more ‘cutting’ is done almost every day on these children.  My, My, there must be a spiritual illustration in this.  Right now, if I hear the word jiggar again,  I might scream.

I thought I had seen the worst, but I had not.  All the original 14 children whom I had identified in late August have had treatment for jiggars.  Most continue to require ‘touch up’ work.  However, there are many others who also need surgery.  New children have come in to the orphanage.  Some of the older children who have lived there for a long time also need attention.  One precious sweet little boy has just come into care in the past 3 weeks, He came from a red cross center.  This poor little boy has a bad burn on the bottom of his foot.  I do not even what to THINK about how that happened.  However jiggars have worked their way into the burn.  POOR POOR little guy.. God please help these children to be relieved from their suffering.   I am attaching that picture.  Please continue to pray for the healing of these precious souls.

here is little Elie all bandaged up after surgery

Lastly, here is a picture of a large jiggar egg pulled out of a child’s foot

These things are tough but WE ARE TOUGHER!

These things are resistant but WE ARE MORE RESISTANT!

These things are cruel but THEY WILL NOT GET US DOWN.

Pray for these children!


Before and After

Child B



Progress report and a KISS for you!

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So far, the following children have been treated for jiggars in the hospital:

R=5 year old girl  extremely bad condition                      B=5 year old girl extremely bad condition

S=3 year old girl                                                         O=3 year old boy extremely bad condition

M=5 year old girl                                                         L=3 year old girl extremely bad condition

Y=5 year old girl                                                         T=7 year old girl

P=2 year old boy extremely bad condition                       P=2 year old girl

E=5 year old boy.. extremely bad feet.. had burns on his feet into which the jiggars buried themselves.

B=5 year old boy                                                             M=5  year old boy

E=3 year old girl                                                               H=6 year old girl

S=6 year old girl

Baby S=  she was also seen by the doctor but immediately hospitalized..for possible malaria.. Julie says she is very very weak

We currently have 4 foster homes who are taking care of 2 children each.  The rest of the children are being cared for by my husband and daughter in the guest house with help from others.  We are paying the foster homes $10/day for their expenses.

The orphanage has been fumigated twice.  We hope that this will suffice until the rainy season comes.


And, just for fun… here is a kiss to you from one of the girls!


One of our Kentucky families, who adopted a little girl from Ethiopia, and her church, had a bake sale yesterday for project feet. They sold everything but 4 muffins! Thank you for your kind gesture in finding ways to help. God Bless everyone! My heart is warmed by the kindness of so many people

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More pictures…

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Fun pictures from the last few days (and 2 not so fun pictures of chiggars in one of the children’s hands…so that you can identify them if you see any in your African child):

The enemy invades:


When You Think of Angels…

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What do you picture when you think of angels?

Something like this?

Or this?

In the Bible, Angels sometimes take on human form. Angels are beings which minister on behalf of God.  They speak, they instruct, they have emotion, they can strengthen us, they worship God, they deliver messages, they snatch people from danger, they can destroy, they can protect and they can do God’s work on earth.

Hebrews 1:14
Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.

Have you ever seen an angel with your own eyes?  These people may not exactly be ‘that’ kind of angel, but they are people doing God’s work by serving these hurt children.  Here are some of the angels found in Congo:

Meet Angels Miriam and her brother: They have taken in 2 little children who are twins and were in pretty bad shape. The children obviously feel comfortable with them! Their heavenly assignment is to care for sick and hurting children.

Meet Angels Elisa and Her Friend: Wow… they are in DCR picking up Elisa’s daughter and they wanted to visit orphanages. They ended up at the orphanage where our suffering children are… and one thing led to another and soon we were talking on a daily basis about what needed to be done to help. Struggling with her own delays in going home, she has joined the others in caring for the little ones, bringing them food and supplies and helping with the bandages. Truly has been an unexpected blessing. Their heavenly assignment has been support staff!

Meet Angel Julie: what can I say? She is the nurse/nanny/ child rocker/feeder/playmate/photographer/ communicator and all around ‘step up to the plate’ angel. Her heavenly assignment: love the children and keep anxious mom informed about everything that is going on.

Meet Angel Blandine: She is a cleaning lady at the guest house. However her heavenly assignment has been to assist Julie in meeting the girls’ needs and to cheer them up. Julie says, “she is ALWAYS checking in on me and she talks to the kids and plays with them and is SUCH a help. They get excited every time they see her.”

Meet Angel Katie: Dear dear Katie was with me in Congo 3 weeks ago accompanying her friend who was picking up her son. Katie is an RN and was with us during the discovery of this terrible situation and suffered through our first surgeries 3 weeks ago. She returned home with me (and was a wonderful help with the child I brought home) and has not stopped advocating for the children. She was instrumental in finding Pastor S who then found foster families from local churches to help these children. And, she continues to encourage me every step along the way! Katie’s heavenly assignment has been to encourage, pray and seek for help, as well as being the hands to help in many ways.

Meet TIRED Angel Dave: Willing to put his own work on the side to go on a moments notice to help with this crisis. His heavenly assignment has been to: carry and manage the finances, handle the luggage, carry crying children around, arrange for and purchase supplies, arrange for and supervise the fumigation of the orphanage, to be done on Saturday.

And of course…all of you who gave to make this all possible!


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Today was not a good day in DRC for our children. This is part of Julie and my skype conversation throughout the day.

R u there?

[5:42:46 PM] Julie Hedberg: kids are all really upset tonight

[5:42:57 PM] Julie Hedberg: their feet are hurting a lot more then yesterday

[5:43:16 PM] Julie Hedberg: they keep itching at their feet and pulling their socks off

[5:48:36 PM] Julie Hedberg: The kids are doing awefully tonight… 😦

[5:50:31 PM] Susan Hedberg: Oh no

[5:50:46 PM] Julie Hedberg: their feet are all hurting really badly

[5:50:50 PM] Julie Hedberg: even more then yesterday

[5:51:14 PM] Julie Hedberg: and they keep pulling at their feet and are just not falling asleep…

[5:51:42 PM] Julie Hedberg: I put all 3 girls in my bed b/c they wouldnt calm down w/o each other

[5:52:09 PM] Julie Hedberg: I need to wash my face… i’ll be back in a few min

[5:59:14 PM] Julie Hedberg: someones feet are always hurting

[5:59:33 PM] Julie Hedberg: and they keep alternating waking up to cry …

[6:00:00 PM] Julie Hedberg: I have T on my lap now… its the only way to get her to calm down

[6:01:39 PM] Susan Hedberg: I am sorry

[6:01:57 PM] Julie Hedberg: they’re just in sooo much pain

[6:02:17 PM] Susan Hedberg: Yes

[6:02:31 PM] Susan Hedberg: Poor little things

[6:02:58 PM] Julie Hedberg: S JUST now fell asleep. I had to keep re applying neosporin we got

[6:03:17 PM] Julie Hedberg: I think thats helping

[6:03:28 PM] Julie Hedberg: but they keep pulling their socks off

[6:03:41 PM] Julie Hedberg: I think it might be too tight

[6:03:58 PM] Julie Hedberg: I’m letting them sleep with them off even though it is not advised…

[6:05:13 PM] Julie Hedberg: G is NOT doing well

[6:05:21 PM] Julie Hedberg: he’s probably the worst off out of all of them

[6:07:34 PM] Julie Hedberg: his little feet AND little hands are the worst out of all of them, he needs special attention

[6:09:19 PM] Julie Hedberg: ok, sorry, gotta go again. S woke up again and her feet are hurting A LOT

Please pray for these suffering little children….that they can rest peacefully tonight and awake to a better day tomorrow