I was in DRC at the end of August to accompany 3 of our adoptive families while they were picking up their children. I also visited many of the other children who are being adopted by our families and met new children.  Unfortunately, I was horrified to find many of the children unable to walk due to ‘chiggars’ in their feet.  These bugs had burrowed their way under their skin, under nails and other places and had caused painful infections.  I had never seen this in all my travels in Latin America, Asia or Europe.  The doctors tried for several days, to remove them manually, but finally decided that they needed to undergo anestesia to be able to complete the process.  After about 5 days, those children recovered and could walk again. I knew that the rest of the children.. 14 of them, needed help. I returned to the USA and started this blog in an effort to find advise, counsel and financial help in order to help these children with their great need.  If these were your children, what would you do?

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    You should update your “about” page.

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