A day in the life of CongoJulie, part 2

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

 12:30-1:30 pm: Lunch time! Never do I wish I could speak Lingala more then I during meals. If only I could make them understand that they will not go hungry and I will get them their food as fast as I can! The kids get so panicked and will ask and re-ask until they get the food exactly the way they like it. One precious child, Triple T, will fight me all throughout lunch and won’t take a bite of food until we have 5 minutes left and the strict lunch lady takes her plate and kicks us out before she has time to eat enough. Any food on their plates which is undesirable to them is thrown on the floor and today they gave me an extra special treat of shattering a 3rd glass since our arrival during an attempt to get my attention to refill their glass with water.


The youngest in the group, YY Baby, fell asleep at the table… so the other 2 had to walk up the stairs on their own. Simple enough, right? Wrong. My temper tantrum girlie was still upset that her stalling tactic at dinner did not work. So she decided to try another trick in the form of a flailing fit at the bottom of the stairs forcing me to wake up YY Baby and make her walk while she flailed all the way up the stairs. If it were any other situation I would have dropped my 2 off and come back for her, but people were getting annoyed with me. So I opted to let her win this one and carry her up the stairs struggling with me the whole way up. This is the form of chaos and fun that we bring to lunch-time!!


1:31 pm: This is my absolute favorite part of the day in when the children begin to fall asleep one by one. But not me!


2:00 pm- Once all of the kids are asleep, my RUSH hour begins. This is my time to get everything done that I can’t do while they’re awake and to make my room look a little bit less like a tornado just came through. I finally got to shower to wash the Vaseline out of my hair from last night b/c YY Baby thought that a nice glob of it in my hair would make me look prettier. On my hands and knees with a bucket of water, I also cleaned up the artwork that YY Baby colored for me on the bathroom floor for me to enjoy later!  And since I was already down on the bathroom floor, I drowned the trail of ants that had found a piece of chicken from someone’s dinner from who KNOWS how long ago.


At this point I remember truly believing that I could not do this for another day and that I had taken on more than I could handle once again. I thought about single mothers everyone and gained a whole new level of respect for anyone who has raised well behaved children. Typical Julie, jumping into a role for which I am not equipped nor prepared to handle.  Typical Julie, trying to handle all of these kids who each require so much of attention at once. I knew there was a need here in the DRC and since I had the schedule, the opportunity, and the desire to go, I was determined to do everything in my power to help. But here I was, trying my hardest and it wasn’t good enough.


2:15 pm- In the middle of my rush hour I sent an SOS message to mom. I told her that I didn’t know what I was doing anymore and could not handle all of these kids with whom I cannot speak, by myself, in a guesthouse with other people’s eardrums to consider, any longer. If we could not get a second helper for me during the day while my dad is gone, I will have to send some of the children back to the orphanage. I love these kids and didn’t want them to witness a gradual downward spiral of their caretaker into clinical insanity. It had truly become completely out of my control.


Ironically, in this same conversation I brought up the fact that if my kids feet were still healing and were not ready to go back by the time my dad’s and my flight left, that I would stay in the DRC longer. If the situation became manageable and I got help, I could absolutely continue to take care of these children as they healed and prepared to go back to their orphanage. And I would miss cleaning makeup marker off from this little one’s face too much.


2:50 My mom had heard my plea loud and clear and scheduled a Skype meeting with a friend of hers here in Congo who may be able to help me take care of the children. We talked for about 30-45 min and I got some reassurance that things would get better. The kids weren’t ready to go back to the orphanage yet and all of the work done on them would be undone if they did. I didn’t want these still-healing kids to go back too soon.


4:15 came WAY too soon, and all of the kids started to wake up. They couldn’t have been awake for more than 15 minutes before I figured out that everyone was naked! Yuuuup. I don’t think anywhere else in the world is nudity more contagious than right here. I did the only logical thing and closed the bathroom door and let them have a shower/water fight. I considered the mess that I would have to clean up later but the only thing that mattered was the laughter of pure joy coming from the other side of the door. Sure enough, 30 minutes later, everyone emerged, squeaky clean and happy


7:00- I headed down to dinner with 3 girls for the LAST time!


7:30- Halfway through dinner my Dad returned with 3 more kids!! And no, fortunately they were not all staying with us. There was G Man who is one of ours and whom my dad usually takes with him to make my life a little bit easier. B Boy was brought by after his surgery and was here just for dinner, and the 3rd was our new addition Smiley H!!! I had been trying to get Smiley H here with us because her sister, Triple T, was already staying with us and I think that it would help the entire dynamic of the whole group to have her here. Being that she was an older girl and pretty independent, I believed that it would end up being more helpful to have her here, especially with her sister. Sure enough, I was right! 4 kids + 1 more child = more order, less chaos, and LOTS of laughter!!



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